Semper Floreat if you know what I mean

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Semper Floreat if you know what I mean

Although Kent is famous as the Garden of England, the other counties between London and the Coast are every bit as abundant and picturesque in the Summer months. The Royal Horticultural Society maintains gardens all over the country and we now have the ingenious National Garden Scheme, whereby beautiful but usually private gardens are thrown open to the public (well to those tender souls of a Horticultural bent)  all is thriving and even in a weedy summer like this we are really spoiled with fine gardens. A famous garden in Surrey  has just taken possession of a fine set of Chilstone Urns and here we see the effect of a fine garden ornament in an ideal setting- a dazzling display of flowers in a formal garden and is it possible that there is a suggestion of a Union Jack in this design. I hope so because, whatever the shortcomings of this Summer - it has been a Great one for Great Britain!  

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