Sculpture at Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sculpture at Chelsea Flower Show 2015

We have been blown away by the beauty of the sculpture at this year's RHS Chelsea flower show, it's incredibly inspiring to see sculpture being incorporated so perfectly into the gardens here, especially in the lead up to our own special sculpture exhibition! Here's a round up of our favourite pieces we've spotted so far... Chelsea13

These natural wicker animal sculptures have so much personality, and look totally at home in this garden.


Peeping badger!

Chelsea15 Chelsea26

Apples and pears; reminded us so much of our own stone fruits collection!

Chelsea27 Chelsea28

This fearsome Medusa is made almost entirely of shells... absolutely incredible to behold.

Chelsea29 Chelsea30 Chelsea32

Sculpture by the lakes... sounds a lot like what we'll be doing in June! This really is a sculpture garden at it's best. A beautiful collection.

Chelsea46 Chelsea48 Chelsea49 Chelsea50 Chelsea51 Chelsea52 Chelsea55 Chelsea56_1

Sculpture is everywhere this year, you can even enjoy it whilst relaxing with a cup of tea... Chelsea57

Beautiful metal work!


This garden has blown us away. So much so we'll be devoting an entire blog to it soon, so watch this space! The shadowy figure pictured is an incredible illusion to see; made of sections of metal so the light shines through...

Chelsea96 Chelsea99  

Some pretty moving metal sculptures, these reminded us of children's windmill toys; whimsical.

Chelsea122     This has got us so excited, can't wait to get back and use this inspiration to put the finishing touches to our own sculpture exhibition in our grounds in June. There's so much to see at Chelsea 2015, it's hard to fit it all in! Keep checking back here and make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with all the news and behind the scenes action.

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