Putting a cap on it

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Putting a cap on it

CA111Gate-pier Pier caps and finials are a finishing touch to many a fine house and are indeed the first thing that your visitors will see when they come to call. At Chilstone we offer a fine range of pier caps and finials but the variety is endless and you can have your very own design created if preferred. We are often asked about pier caps and the important point to remember is to measure the shaft correctly. As a general rule the underside of the pier cap should be larger than your shaft by 10mm on each side. In the above illustration the underside is the base measurement of the pier cap and points (a) and (b) show the 10mm overhang that is desirable. The finial illustrated (CA111)  can be a very wide range of sizes and colours. The pier cap and finial shown are in colourway CNN (York Stone), but we have many other colours available and can match the colour of your stone. The orb is a very popular finial and can be gilded but eagles, acorns, pineapples and heraldic lions are also traditional.

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