Plant of the month: Euonymus alatus

Monday, October 20, 2014

Plant of the month: Euonymus alatus

  For October's plant of the month, we have been lucky enough to talk to Chilstone's expert gardener Jason Large. Jason is the person in charge of Chilstone's show gardens in Tunbridge Wells.   We asked Jason what his plant of choice would be for the increasingly chilly month of October, and here is what he said:   "My plant of the month for October is Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’.  This deciduous, slow growing shrub produces superb Autumn colours and will light up the centre of any border with it’s vivid pink and red hues. It’s perfect for any garden with it’s maximum height and spread being 1m/1.5m.  This shrub is also attractive once the leaves have fallen, owing to it’s orderly structure of corky rigid branches.  Generally this requires little or no pruning and suits a sunny or semi-shaded position in well drained soil".   chilstone-Euonymus alatus                         The common name for this plant is the "Winged Spindle Tree" or the  "Burning Bush". The latter originates from it's lovely  bright red tone, making it the perfect plant to put a little Autumnal colour into your garden. In fact the 'Compactus' species is such a spectacular plant, it was even given the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit!   So why not brighten up your garden with some of these hassle free but colourful plants?   chilstone-Winged spindle tree                   A big thanks to the garden expert, and owner of Summit Gardens of Kent, Jason Large for this tips and gardening suggestions.  

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