Penshurst Appeal

Monday, October 11, 2010

Penshurst Appeal







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The fabulous Baronial Hall in  Penshurst Place was the venue for an elegant evening to launch the appeal to save nearby Penshurst Church. The church is almost 900 years old and contains a number of fascinating monuments including the tombs of 3 holders of the Victoria Cross. The Guest of Honour was the distinguished art historian and author Sir Roy Strong who gave a short speech on the church and the way forward for such important buildings in the future.

Penshurst church is an important building and the charity, 'The Friends of Penshurst Church' hope to raise £700,000 for its restoration and necessary modifications to enable the church to function for another 900 years at the centre of the community.

Churches, such as Penshurst are no longer simply religious meeting places, they have a wider function in the community as a meeting place, community centre and forum for discussions. It is in this way, Sir Roy argued, that the future of these interesting and beautiful structures lies.

The fund has made a very impressive start and Chilstone are very proud to play a small role in this effort. The hall was kindly loaned by Lord and Lady De L'Isle owners of Penshurst Place, one of the Great Houses of England.

There are more activities planned to take place over the next 18 months, and if you would like to help to preserve this little piece of England, the Friends can be contacted at:

Contact: Mr Bob Atkins







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