No Limits

Saturday, December 01, 2012

No Limits

We often say that we can make your dreams a reality and this is what we mean. A beautiful and unique tribute to a special person loaded with private messages and sentiments. This is just something you cannot buy in any shop and it is something we can help to realise. The seahorse was commissioned by a private customer in Kent to mark a 50th birthday and is engraved with a special family message taken from a favourite song and emblazoned with kisses! A work like this requires skill and imagination from a number of people, sculptors, mould makers engravers and the customers own imagination.  A tribute like this is unique and endures like nothing else can. Chilstone work with sculptors, artists and craftspeople from all over the country so contact us if you have a dream. [caption id="attachment_1025" align="aligncenter" width="378"] A special message was especially engraved[/caption]

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