National Gardening Week

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

National Gardening Week

It's National Gardening Week, and a more perfect week would be hard to come by, the sun is beaming down, and gardens are bursting into flower all over the UK.

(We have particularly been enjoying the opening of the Magnolias all over Sussex this month... have you seen the display at Borde Hill Gardens? Beautiful.)
All gardeners know how to care for flowers, shrubs and trees to make a garden come alive, but do you ever step back after all your toiling to rest, and think; "There's something missing...?" It's easy to get lost in the planting and forget about the other features that make great gardens so special; furniture, garden ornaments, sculptures, fountains, water features, plaques, planters, pots.... there's so much you can add, and what a difference it makes!

Turn your flower display into a spectacle

The most simple and effective garden ornament to start with would be a planter or an urn. Even a simple display of spring flowers looks spectacular in a proper container... Tulips in stone urn These lovely tulips are displayed in our popular Linford urn. Click the photo for more info.   Placed in pairs, urns give your garden a beautifully grand feel, reminiscent of the great gardens of England... stone-garden-urns  

A stone urn or two atop of columns or walls around your garden is a beautiful finishing touch...

stone urns uk  Click on the image for more information about our handmade stone urns.

Add a sense of time

A sundial is a beautiful addition to any garden, adding so much character and a feeling of history to even newly landscaped spaces. buy stone sundials  

 Wonderful water

Is there anything nicer than the sight and sound of tinkling water on a hot day in the garden? Create a haven of relaxation and encourage garden wildlife by installing a water fountain... stone garden fountains uk We hope we've given you some inspiration on how to incorporate some new features into your garden. All of these stone garden features are handmade by our master craftsmen and are available for postal order anywhere in the UK, simply click on the images for more information.  

Happy national gardening week!


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