Monkey business

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Monkey business

jambosmall2 Jambo the Gorilla was the star attraction on the Chilstone stand at this year’s ICHF Weald of Kent Show held over the Bank Holiday weekend at Penshurst Place. The Gorilla, one of only 6 made, is a lifesize replica of the most famous gorilla in the World, Jambo of Jersey Zoo. The statue was created by sculptor David Cemmick and master mouldmaker Sebastian Wylder as a limited edition and is crafted in bronze. At the show, children were invited to have their pictures taken with the gorilla for a small donation to charity. Jambo shot to fame in August 1986 when he gently protected an unconscious child in the gorilla enclosure at Jersey Zoo, the incident was caught on camera and made headlines around the World. The lifesize replica of Jambo was created from life and retails at £35,000.

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