Meningitis Now Futures Chelsea Show Garden Progress

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Meningitis Now Futures Chelsea Show Garden Progress

We’ve come along way since the initial sketches of the Meningitis Now Futures garden were produced, and now with April upon us and RHS Chelsea just around the corner, we’re excited to share the progress we’ve made on our collaborative artisan garden!

The garden is designed by the same garden designer we were so inspired by at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show… John Everiss created the breath taking Evaders garden which we blogged in detail about at the time, do you remember?

This year’s artisan garden includes some of John’s unique trademarks such as sculptures created from 3D scan of real people (brave survivors of meningitis; Jacob, Lauren, Aaron, Louise and Liam), but in our opinion the Meningitis Now Futures garden is even more multifaceted and detailed than the Evaders in 2015…

The inspiration behind the garden has been meticulously researched and painstakingly planned, and so many interesting elements have been entwined to tell the story making it a truly moving, educational and awe-inspiring visual tale of the courageous battle against Meningitis.

Building the house

One of the first elements of the plans and drawings to bring to life was the central house or folly, This has been designed to fit around a steel sub frame to take the weight off the cast stone, the frame will stand 2.5 metres high and will be entirely incased in dry cotswold stone.

This combination would usually be utilised to create our stone Porticos which you often see featured on the front of a house.

All of the components we’ve used are from our standard range of moulds, so we can re-create any time this in virtually any size.

We will be on-site building in the stone house in the centre of the garden on the day of the show.

The steel sub-frame which supports the stone, and the roof of the temple were designed in Northumberland and transported to Chilstone.

The handmade stone pediment is designed on two layers to create the entablature.

Designer John Everiss and Chilstone cast stone craftsmen Mark & Terry checking that everything lines up….. it did!

Scan to sculptures

We first fell in love with john’s work after seeing his Evaders garden at RHS Chelsea 2015 which featured an intriguing sculpture produced from 3D scans, and we’re really excited to say that this year’s garden will also utilise the same technique.

The sculptures in the garden play a key part in telling the story as they are based on the real life Meningitis survivors. Five amazing young ambassadors for Meningitis Now have posed for 3D scans in order to recreate their images in stone.

All the ambassadors are children that have survived bacterial meningitis, they are all truly inspiring individuals with interesting stories to tell, Lauren for example is a champion cyclist in the Velodrome who has been tipped as a possible Para Olympics 2020 candidate….

3D scan of Jacob will only require a little further touching up around his right hand before it goes into production.

Lauren the champion cyclist will be depicted ‘breaking through the wall’ in the garden.

Aaron held his pose so well his 3D scan came out almost perfectly the first try.

This is the first prototype of the casting of the sculptures for the Meningitis Now show garden. These will need to be sanded down to create a stronger impression and draw out the grain of the wood, which is Canadian cedar wood.

Each sculpture will require a lot of sanding down and will take several days to make.

Here you can see more of a finished feel to Liam’s first casting.


There’s lots more to do to each sculpture and many more elements of the garden to work on, but it’s such an exciting journey! We’re very much enjoying our part in creating it and enthralled to see all the other elements taking shape.

Check back soon for the next journal of the Chelsea Meningitis Garden, we’ll show you all the finished sculptures and more.

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