Langton Primary children building a new future

Friday, February 19, 2016

Langton Primary children building a new future

We’ve had some very young and creative visitors at The Chilstone workshop! 10 lucky school children from Langton Primary School visited us to make new stone piers for their school entrance. The children had a wonderful time helping our master craftsmen in the workshop to make an impressive stone gateway that will now be a permanent feature of the school

The new stone entrance wasn’t only built by little hands but also designed by the school’s ‘Chilstone group’, a group of Langton Primary School led by deputy head, Jackie Woodcock, and forms part of a major regeneration at the school. Other improvements and additions have been 6 new classrooms to accommodate another 400 local children.

The children were shown a variety of techniques used to mix and cast stone ornaments and architectural pieces

They got stuck in and tried everything, taking a huge part in building their creation

Each completed stone entrance pier will be 1.5 m tall, surmounted with a classical stone ball finial and uniquely, will even bear a plaque with the names of the young designers upon it!

Chilstone General Manager, Steve Clark commented:

“ We have visited the school to introduce the children to the kind of industry to be found in Langton Green and this project just led on from there, We recently visited the school to introduce Chilstone to the children. With the help of the staff we set them a project to design the stone for their new school entrance with the promise that they could visit Chilstone and help to make their designs. I was very impressed by the ideas that they came up with. They took the opportunity to explore ideas for other areas of the school as well, very entrepreneurial and we hope to work closely with them on these”.


Each child was presented with a certificate for their efforts, and all were very excited to see the finished product.

We weren’t the only ones to be delighted by the children’s visit and creation it seems, as local press have also picked it up… have you spotted the article in your local Courier paper?

Check back here soon if you missed it as we will upload for all to see.

It’s getting to be the perfect time of year for visitors at Chilstone, remember The Chilstone show gardens are open seven days a week and you are all more than welcome to come and explore the grounds, landscaped gardens, sculpture trail and lake at no charge any time you like.

We hope to see you soon!

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