Lakeside Jazz is Sweet Music

Friday, September 30, 2011

Lakeside Jazz is Sweet Music



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Saturday night Sept 24th was the scene of Chilstone's first Jazz by The Lake evening event. The evening was hailed as a great success by the guests and 'wonderful' by many of the happy revellers. It is the first time that we have opened our showgardens by night and the venue was illuminated by hundreds of small wind proof candles. The effect was stunning, as the evening was balmy and still - perfect for an evening in the forest with friends.

The event was fully attended with long tables and candles lining the banks of our large private lake (see above). The music, by the well known Martin Nicholls band was sweet indeed as it wafted across the still waters and made for a perfect evening. Many people brought their own picnics but more were tempted by excellent food and drink provided by voluteers from the nearby Spotted Dog inn near Penshurst.

The event was organised by Bob Atkins of the Friends of Penshurst Church and generously sponsored by Creasey's the accountants and all proceeds are going to the fund to protect the venerable Penshurst Church.

There was another event at the Chilstone showgardens the following day that featured a remarkable collection of circus style acts including a tightrope walking mannekin, two intrepid travellers living inside a giant wheel  and puppets enjoying a day by the seaside (Take the Pose). There was more music provided by a sensational young persons Jazz band (Trading Forks), a talented opera singer and our very own accordion player Ron Meads and his dog Poppy. Hundreds of people attended this event in aid of Friends of Penshurst Church. Great thanks to all the volunteers who took part.

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