It's our Indian Summer!

Monday, November 04, 2013

It's our Indian Summer!

[caption id="attachment_1367" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Even a drained fountain can fall prey to freezing rain! Pretty though, isn't it? Even a drained fountain can fall prey to freezing rain!
Pretty though, isn't it?[/caption] Alas! The leaves are starting to fall and pretty soon they will be piling up in large mounds on our lawns and driveways. As ever, please take care to clear leaves from your fountain and water features as they will block the drainage. At this time of year frost is not far away and this would be a good time to drain your fountain completely as water expands when it freezes and that will not do your water features any good at all. Frost will damage anything so protect valuable garden art with a covering of tarpaulin or even bubble wrap to protect them from the frost (this applies to all types of ornament, wood, stone, brick and Chilstone), Leave a tennis ball in ponds and birdbaths to prevent total icing and give a thought to local wildlife by hanging up food and leaving seed and fat etc on Birdtables (Bread is not recommended) Drop a brick into lakes to give the Ducks a little drink - they cannot break the ice. It is only when the Sun has gone and the flowers have died away that the underlying design of the garden comes into its own. There is an austere beauty of a garden in Winter, Stark contrasts of dark spindly wood and crisp whites with beguiling silvery greys. Urns and statuary look magnificent against this backdrop but colour can be introduced with planters full of yellow and orange grasses in stone planters. See your local nursery - you might be surprised at the variety of winter plants available.  

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