In favour of ageing

Friday, March 08, 2013

In favour of ageing

[caption id="attachment_1165" align="aligncenter" width="459"]An aged beauty An aged beauty[/caption] First, let it be said that Chilstone has a textured surface that does weather readily and naturally. You can expect to see definite effects of weathering within two years of purchase. However, if you wish to create an aged effect right from the start the following information will be useful. We do not recommend using chemical or proprietary preparations to produce artificial ageing as they may have an adverse effect on the quality of the stone. The simplest way is to 'paint' the stone with a mixture of live natural yogurt and soot (from a chimney) – approximately one tablespoon to a pot of Yogurt. This treatment darkens the stone and creates an environment which encourages the growth of moss and lichen. Pay particular attention to the bold details as this will appear more natural. Moss is particularly agreeable as it coats the stone in a beautiful green velvet, but weathering can occur in many ways and in a great variety of colours from grey and black through to rich greens and vivid golds – lovely! For more ambitious effects, potters' dyes can be used (see below). Method number 2 Mr Walton's method of antiquing the old fashioned way. Equipment needed 1 pot of natural yogurt 1 pint skimmed milk Green stagnant water Black silt from gutter Handful of peat Handful of cow manure Method Mix together, paint on and let the rain wash off. Chilstone publish a leaflet with more methods of ageing your stoneware, simply call 01892 740866 and ask for Duncan.

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