High concepts at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Friday, February 14, 2014

High concepts at Trinity Buoy Wharf

[caption id="attachment_1420" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Tony Smith (left) with Steve Clark Tony Smith (left) with Steve Clark[/caption] Chilstone has been getting out and about and on Thursday Feb 13th, Chilstone's Steve Clark visited an art exhibition Synthesis on the (swollen) banks of the River Thames at Trinity Buoy Wharf, which included some works by our friend Tony Smith. Tony, you may recall, worked with us at the famous Chelsea Flower show, where Tony has a prodigious reputation including 3 Best in Shows and an astonishing 8 RHS Gold Medals! Tony has since spread his wings into the wider world of conceptual art and he was joined by some big names in British art at the exhibition. [caption id="attachment_1421" align="aligncenter" width="224"]John Humphreys (left) with an artwork and Steve Clark (far right) John Humphreys (left) with an artwork and Steve Clark (far right)[/caption] John Humphreys (not that one) was present with some extraordinary modern busts (see picture) you may remember Humphreys as the man behind 80s TV icon Max Headroom and the worldwide mockumentary 'Alien Autopsy' , Boy George (yes that one) Internationally famous pop star and conceptual artist was also present with an exhibition of his own glamourous photographs inspired by the Heyday of Hollywood. Other artists present were Sinclair Watkins, Daphne Bampanioti and the mysterious Jane Woollatt. Trinity Buoy Wharf is a young arts quarter on the North bank of the Thames opposite the O2 Dome.

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