Flower of the Month: Camellia

Monday, September 15, 2014

Flower of the Month: Camellia

  September is upon us, and with this new month comes a change in the seasons. Autumnal plants and flowers are underestimated by some, but here's Chilstone's flower of the month, the Camillia, which is sure to silence all Autumn bloom sceptics!   camellia-pink                     These delicate looking flowers, grown initially in China and Japan, are among the most resilient available. Being known as the 'signal of Autumn', they can withstand the harshest of winters, and so easily be planted in Autumn.   Camellia_japonica_rosa                   ACAM22002A                               These wonderful flowers thrive in the shade, and can be planted as a shrub or in plant pots with equally brilliant results.   camellia-white                         Place Camellias against a west or north-facing wall for optimum growth, one that's sheltered from strong winds. Camellia-pink-shrub                     The Camellia is also known for its quick growth, so can be the perfect addition to any Autumnal garden.   Camellia-professor-Sargent-Camellia                 That's all for our special for Chilstone's September flower, but make sure you're on the look out for our favourite plant for next month!        

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