Florence Nightingale's garden urns restored to their former glory!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Florence Nightingale's garden urns restored to their former glory!

  Do you remember the excitement of the Florence Nightingale urns?   We were asked to restore the original urns that stood in the grounds of Embley Park, In Wellow, Hampshire.   This is the famous family home of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.   The lady with the lamp lived in this house from it's purchase in 1825, until her death in 1910. It was the Nightingale family's 'winter retreat'; as they always spent their summer's in Derbyshire.   embley-house               This was a task that came with with both great responsibility and excitement-   First, the Chilstone craftsmen had to reassemble the original urns which have been embellishing the house's grounds since 1858...   Here are two original photos of Florence Nightingale herself and below that one of her Father, William Edward Nightingale, both reading by the urn in Embley Park.   florence-nightingale-embley-urn                         Flo-nightingale-father-urn                         This is how Chilstone received the urns from Embley Park:   urn-embley-park-1858                       Much time and skill went into this task of restoring them...!   flo-nightgale-urn                   urn-embley-park-nightingale                 When the original Nineteenth century ornaments had been lovingly repaired, the Chilstone craftsmen then produced a mold from the urns to then cast a perfect replica of the urns.   urn-embley-park                     ... and here is the finished ornament! How wonderful to be able to contribute to the conservation of this house's rich history.   Chilstone-embley-urn                         And now, we're pleased to announce, they are finally back in their rightful place!     Embley-Park-Urns                 The urns have been installed in the exact same spot as they resided in 1858... and they look just as beautiful as they did all those years ago.   embley-park-urns-2                 We're so proud to have been a part of this wonderful restoration project and we hope to receive more photos of the urns looking beautifully weathered after they have been in place for a few years. We hope you enjoyed the journey of the Florence Nightingale urns as much as we did!

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