Fencing masters

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fencing masters

09 January 2013

Latest News - Jacksons Show Gardens Competition to run for 4th year

A hotbed of burgeoning of talent...?

Following the success of the previous three years show gardens project, Jacksons is pleased to announce, the popular design competition, aimed at garden designers and landscape architects, will run for a fourth year.

The competition has attracted attention from many in the industry who would like their design brought to life at the fencing company’s HQ in Kent, and with two previous year’s winners going on to achieve subsequent success as RHS Gold medal winners, this could be interpreted as a sign that the Jacksons project is a ‘hotbed’ of burgeoning talent. The project will be run along the similar lines to the previous years, but with a slightly changed format to keep it fresh, with some distinctly different design challenges. Budget for the show gardens will come from Jacksons: fencing materials and garden structures will be supplied by Jacksons. There is scope within the scheme for original designs for furniture and structures to the designer’s specification to be made from Jacksons materials. Partner suppliers will supply hard landscaping materials, plants and other objects. To find out more and see the previous year’s show gardens log on to: jacksons-fencing.co.uk/show-gardens
Can we put this information on our web site with a link back to Jacksons. Also Tweet the fact that we are happy to support Jacksons show garden competition following 3 years of support & success etc, could even Tweet picture of previous garden, we have some.

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