Day out at the London Cart Marking Ceremony

Monday, July 21, 2014

Day out at the London Cart Marking Ceremony

  Some of the Chilstone team were lucky enough to be guests at this year's Cart Marking Ceremony at London's Guildhall Yard!   This tradition, started in 1517 by the 77th Livery Company of the City of London Worshipful Company of Carmen, exhibits their carts and other quirky vehicles of times past. This is done once a year as all cars and carts must be 'marked'.   The marking of the carts re-enacts the obligation of carters, who by statute had to be Liveryman of the Carman Company, to pay 5 shillings for the right to pay for hire in the City of London.   The vehicle parade consisted of a wide range of British vehicles going back decade; and included tradesman, distribution, military and police vehicles.   stage coach                 Wrights Soap                 M Geerson                 castle Firebrick                 Double bus                   It was  lovely to be a part this historical marking of the carts- many thanks to the S&S haulage company who kindly invited us.          

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