Chilstone Vases for Wills & Kate

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chilstone Vases for Wills & Kate

A lost set of unique garden ornaments have been recreated for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new home Kensington Palace  by garden ornament makers Chilstone of Tunbridge Wells. The original ornaments were created in artificial stone in the 19th Century by the famous Pulham company of London,  the Chilstone of their day.

The Pulhamite planters surrounding the pool in the Dutch Gardens at Kensington Palace were over time damaged and slowly disappeared during the last century. Historic Royal Palaces commissioned Chilstone to recreate the urns  from drawings that still exist in the royal archives.

Chilstone were able to recreate the pots from the drawings by making a mould and creating 22 copies using their hand made process that is essentially similar to what is known of the original Pelhamite process, now a lost secret.

Chilstone still make ornaments by hand in the traditional way. “The company is always very interested in helping custodians of our heritage in their conservation work”, says general manager, Steve Clark, “The company are always interested in commissions like this and we once recreated 55 lost urns for Kew gardens. We also helped to restore the Golden Staircase at Hever castle following the great storm of 1987 ”.


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