Chilstone staff cheer twin Lancaster flight

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chilstone staff cheer twin Lancaster flight

On Friday 15th August, Chilstone staff were thrilled to hear the roar of ten Merlin engines over our Langton Green show gardens. The roar was caused by the unique flying group of two Lancaster bombers with an escort of one Hurricane fighter and one Spitfire fighter from the Battle of Britain memorial flight. The group were heading for Eastbourne to commemorate the achievements of Bomber Command in WWII in this years Airshow. Staff from the Chilstone offices and workshop hurried out to wave to the impressive group which were flying low over Kent as they did throughout the war. The Battle of Britain was fought mainly in the skies over Kent and was the first, and last, battle involving massed fleets of aircraft to take place in history. Modern aircraft and counter measures would not permit a repetition. 7,377 Lancaster bombers were built in WWII but these are the only 2 remaining that are airworthy and one, 'Vera' (call sign V-RA) made the extraordinary flight over the Atlantic from Canada to join our own Lancaster 'Thumper' on the flight. The Lancaster bomber carried the heaviest bomb load of any bomber in WWII and carried out a devastating 156,000 sorties during the war dropping 608,000 tons of high explosive and 51 million incendiary bombs. These missions included the famous Dambusters. raid and the determined attacks and sinking of the giant battleship Tirpitz in a Norwegian fiord. These were a delight to see, and wish we could have all been on Eastbourne beach this weekend to see the whole show! For more details see   airshow-eastbourne-chilstone    

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