An Ultimate Collection Evening

Monday, December 01, 2014

An Ultimate Collection Evening

Chilstone have recently come together at Lingfield Resort with a handful of other companies to raise their glasses to, and celebrate each of their different area of expertise. The 'Ultimate Collection' evening was filled with an eclectic range of companies; from cars and perfumes to Chilstone's stonemasonry!   The main idea behind this event was to treat the guests! There was no marketing material and the whole evening was complimentary.     Ulitmate Collection- Lingfield                         Above is Chilstone general manager, Steve Clark posing with a Chilstone urn that was donated for the event.  Here's what he said about it:

'All of our guests had a fantastic evening where they were treated to some amazing food from the staff at the Lingfield resort. The evening was so successful that their are plans to organise a summer event'    
Ulitmate Collection- Lingfield                   It was definitely an evening of celebration! Here's a close up of Chilstone's urn flower arrangement:     Ulitmate Collection- Lingfield                         Below is our very own Steve Clark again with Orla Constant who is an independant marketing consultant for Clive Christian and was one of the many talented organisers of the evening.     Ulitmate Collection- Lingfield                 There was even a brilliant Aston Martin car on show (which just so happens to be Steve's dream car)!     Ulitmate Collection- Lingfield                 ... as well as a most impressive red Bentley!     Ulitmate Collection- Lingfield                   This great evening was organised by all of the sponsors as a joint effort, and is one that we hope to repeat!   Thanks to Ian Jones of  IJP Event Photography, who is one of the regular Photographers for the Royal Family's events.

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