• Architectural Case Studies

Architectural Case Studies

Chilstone have worked on a wide variety of architectural stonework and garden landscaping projects throughout the UK and abroad. On this page you can find out more about some of the projects we are most proud of including The Laskett, Sir Roy Strong's spectacular private gardens on the Welsh borders. Homewood Ridge House in Langton Green is a great perfect of an architectural stonework scheme that is not only sympathetic to the design of the property, but also the houses in the surrounding area. We will be adding a wide variety of projects - hopefully providing further inspiration. 

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Architectural Case Studies

Laskett Gardens

Sir Roy Strong has been a valued client, collaborating with Chilstone for over 40 years on his world renowned Laskett Gardens. 

The Laskett Gardens is the largest private garden to be designed since the Second World War. Set in the idyllic countryside of Herefordshire on the Welsh borders, Sir Roy Strong CH brought his creative vision to life together with his late wife Julia Trevelyan Oman. 

Back in 1974 Chilstone were approached to assist with the hard landscaping, supplying a vast array of bespoke features and restyled ornaments to create eye catching focal points throughout the gardens, including a specially designed fountain and a commissioned Victoria & Albert temple to commemorate Sir Roy’s appointment as the youngest curator of the Victoria & Albert Museum. 

Sir Roy added his own unique style to his Chilstone garden ornaments to compliment his planting, adding a pop art colour twist to traditional stone urns and gilding the Chilstone stag’s antlers in gold leaf. We continue to work with Sir Roy, recently delivering his latest project, an engraved Popes Urn and pedestal to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee. As Sir Roy said: “The urn arrived intact and wonderful. I've always loved it. It has now become a major feature in the garden… our garden visitors love it for its boldness and fun celebratory quality. What it shows is that you can use a Chilstone repro as a basis and turn it into something very different.”

The gardens have become Sir Roy’s life time’s work as they have matured and evolved over the last 40 years, something that Chilstone are proud to have been a part of.  

The gardens are open to visiting organised parties during the summer months.  Discover more at www.thelaskettgardens.co.uk

Chilstone Case Studies
Chilstone Stone Temples For Weddings

Wedding Venues - Rheinfield Hotel
Chilstone Stone Temples For Weddings

Maximising Revenue for Hotel Grounds and offering outdoor venues for wedding ceremonies with a Chilstone Stone Temple. For an investment of around £5,000 to install, you can charge a premium for creating a wonderful outdoor setting.

Chilstone Case Studies
Chilstone Bespoke Cast Stone at Saint Hill

Extension and Restoration project for The Church of Scientology at Saint Hill, Sussex
Bespoke Cast Stone

Bespoke restoration and extension project with colour matching from Chilstone's experienced Architectural team

Chilstone Case Studies
Restoration Chilstone Florence Nightingale Urn

The Florence Nightingale Urn
Restoration Project

Chilstone had the great honour restoring and replicating this ornate urn which once graced the gardens of Florence Nightingale’s family home, Embley Park in Hampshire.

Chilstone Case Studies
Chilstone Architectural Stone Work

Sennocke Construction
Architectural Stone Work

Chilstone were approached by local
developer Neil Truman for bespoke
stone for his contemporary design.

Chilstone Case Studies
Chilstone Garden Ornaments | Laskett Gardens

Laskett Gardens
Garden Ornaments

Sir Roy Strong has been a valued client,
collaborating with Chilstone for over 40 years
on his world renowned Laskett Gardens, the
largest private garden designed since 1945.

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